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Black Twitter Reacts To Alleged Kanye Brawl Video With Paparazzi (Tweets/Video)

In MAGAZINE on November 13, 2013 at 1:22 pm

Video footage surfaced on YouTube today, Monday November 11th, titled “Kanye West Attacks Paparazzi in Austin, Texas”, and Twitter has been buzzing with people speculating if the man in the video serving out the beatdown is really Yeezy.

Black Twitter Reacts To Alleged Kanye Brawl Video With Paparazzi (Tweets/Video)

Reports Vlad:

The video allegedly took place in Austin, Texas, which already raises eyebrows if Kanye was even there to begin with. Kanye was just in Los Angeles performing with Tyler the Creator for his Odd Future Carnival on November 9th, and he isn’t due to perform in Texas until December, so it is very uncertain if and/or why he might’ve been in Texas in the first place.

People on Twitter and comments from the video have been debating if it really was Kanye West who put a beating on two alleged paparazzi cameramen. Some believe it to be him, given the individuals mannerisms and attire in the video, and the fact that the man threw loads of punches with his left hand, and Kanye is believed to be left handed. Others have disregarded any truth to Kanye West actually being the man fighting in this video. It’s also rather suspect that if this was in fact Kanye West, where were his bodyguards to intervene in the fight?

And nowthe video.

And nowthe tweets.

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Tyler Perry Star outed by his ex…. Ahh suki suki!!!

In MAGAZINE on May 7, 2013 at 6:09 pm


Terrell Carter, who starred in a number of Tyler Perry‘s Madeamovies, has been outed!!!

By his ex-boyfriend!!

Carter, who was in Tyler Perry’s Class Reunion and Meet the Browns, is now the subject of his ex’s scorn with pictures of himself and former boyfriend Alex Cortez plastered all over the internet!

Cortez, who posted the pics all over his Twitter and MySpace, is mad as hell and he’s not going to take this anymore!

Writes Alex on his Twitter: “Hell yeah i’m angry!there are fucked up ppl out there no matter how nice they seem to be & it’s their fault, ppl they harm are bitter!”

Oooh, damn!

We guess Carter stopped giving up the brownies….

#NewMusic Rick Ross Feat Jay-Z and Dr. Dre

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