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Influenced By Pimp C and Bun B

In MAGAZINE on November 6, 2013 at 1:47 pm

Born and raised in Saint Louis, Via Huntsville AL, LIL ST.LOUIS has been on his grind for 13 years. Lil St. Louis, along with his team have built a crazy buzz here in Saint Louis which in fact is still growing and spreading to other markets throughout the country! People can expect the grittiest Muzik and coming St. Louis for the first time ever with the most impeccable grind behind it this year!

Lil St. Louis says his biggest musical influence was and still is Pimp C and Bun B (UGK). His ideal collaborations are with artist like Trey Songs, Future, Verse Simmons, Rico love, and Rocko! A lot more but those are a few.
What separates Lil St. Louis from other artist is the raw content he brings to the table and it’s actually coming from Saint Louis! This type of Muzik has never sprung out of St.Louis! St. Louis has been silent, he is the first to actually bring light to the streets of St. Louis. This is what separates him from a lot that’s already going on in the game

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Yung Ro Black Pearl Entertainment

In MAGAZINE on July 23, 2012 at 4:17 pm

Yung Ro fans the time is near.  Yung Ro is preparing his take over on the independent music front.  The long anticipated compilation cd Da Recipe is soon to be released via iTunes this week. Also Yung Ro has put the final touches on his mixtape “Da Army Of Two”. The young entertainer has been on his multi career grind as a promoter, tattooist, artist/ceo of BPENT. If you wish to get at ya boy Yung Ro hit him up on twitter @tokyocertified

Black Pearl Entertainment
2008 Olive
St. Louis, MO 63103