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No More Black Women!!!!

In MAGAZINE on March 7, 2012 at 3:30 am

“Tell me how you feel if I was, if I was gone…”

The calculated elimination of a race, your race. A cry for consciousness by Sharday Jones

It baffles me how little outrage the black community has for the negative depictions of black women
through media. Currently, black women are battling total annihilation from magazine articles, youtube
spoofs, social blogs, movies, and news specials that try to break us down and analyze why we are so
unlovable. The notion that black women are a broken breed, that we are abusive, overweight, angry,
overbearing, sexually promiscuous, unattractive, and every other negative thing leaves our men shaking
their heads in agreement. Instead of standing up for us, they have somehow allowed other cultures to
tell them how their women are and have joined the ranks in discrediting us and looking for the closest
non-black woman to give their commitment to. Since when did the mothers of humanity become so
disgusting that our own men hate us?


Even more shocking is the nonchalant attitude men have towards this idea. The majority are not
conscious of this psychological attack on our race, and they’re definitely not cognizant of its effect on
them. This is a form of genocide, and these attacks are calculated attempts to ultimately eliminate
the black race. It makes sense, the reason they would attack black women is because women are the
reproducers of a race. If they can separate black men from black women, leaving us alone and rendering
us unlovable, white women can bare the seeds of black men; therefore, they become the mothers of
society, dictating who their offspring should love…and their mulatto offspring, looking to their white
mothers as the standard, will not look for black partners to compliment or reproduce with.

While these accusations may seem outrageous to some, ask yourself why is there such a push to
discredit black women. Why is it so important that the media analyze black women’s negative
dispositions, assuming that we are the only race with negative dispositions? Why isn’t there a push to
analyze white privilege? Why isn’t there a push to analyze why so many white women are birthing black
babies like it’s a social fad? Why are black men being taken off the streets through imprisonment at
disproportionate numbers as though their existence is a crime?


Why aren’t we conscious enough to look at how the media sets cultural trends? Up until Nicki Minaj
came out, it was known that black women naturally had voluptuous shapes, round bottoms. Songs
glorified our nice physiques. Now, any black woman with a round butt has to defend whether or not her
God-given shape is real because there are so many imposters walking around. Until the music industry
decided to popularize bisexuality amongst women, the idea was taboo. Now, almost every woman is
down to try being with another woman or has accepted it as a lifestyle. A disproportionate amount of
men are now comfortable with exploring their feminine side and experimenting with bisexuality…even
that can be attributed to media’s push to make bi and homosexuality popular…which is not a bad thing,
but it stops the reproduction of a race.

I’m writing this because I’m frustrated. I’m a good black woman, and I’m not the only one who exists.
It bothers me that people take these messages as jokes. We need to stop laughing and start thinking
before black women become extinct. It’s only funny until you realize, you, black men, are participating
in the elimination of black women, the elimination of the women who raised you, the elimination of
your race. Stop selling out and acting like puppets who look to Jewish men (the controllers of media) to
dictate your reality. Be a man and protect your house! As Jill Scott said, “Tell me how you feel if I was, if I
was gone…tell me how you feel?”