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Remember when hip hop wasn’t a cesspool of disgustingly rampant materialism? Remember when it was an expression of the collective struggle of the lower class? Rappers once sang about things that scared the living hell out of suburban house-moms like killing cops and robbing liquor stores. And now here we are in 2013 and the quality of rap in general is at its lowest point in history. Not that there isn’t any good hip hop being produced, but the rappers who have “made it”—the ones who get played on the radio and have their words taken as gospel by millions of kids—have gotten so far detached from the real world that it’s mind-boggling why any non-private-jet-owning person would ever listen to them. And while an entire book could be filled with lyrics that are thoroughly unrelatable to the common person, here are just a few of the most disgustingly egregious ones.


“Have a baby by me, baby, be a millionaire/ I write the check before the baby comes, who the fuck cares?”

Translation: “For a rich rapper who likes to get his fuck on like me, dropping millions of dollars in child support is just plain easier than paying for pregnancy tests or wearing condoms. It is literally worth at least a million dollars to have unprotected sex with some random woman. I am literally jizzing money over here.”



“Basquiats, Warhols serving as my muses/ My house like a museum, so I see ‘em when I’m peeing/ Usually you have this much taste, you European”

Translation: “Even though the nicest art most people who buy my albums will ever see is a spraypainted mural of Tupac, I’ve got a veritable museum right here in my shitter. You know, just in case I get mildly bored in the five minutes when I’m squeezing out a turd, and no, I’m not talking about Kingdom Come.”



“Vacation to Haiti, it nearly broke my heart/ Seeing kids starve, I thought about my Audemar”

Translation: “My fat ass was having such a dandy time on vacay in Haiti until I noticed that it’s a festering, disease-ridden third world country. Then I felt slightly guilty for wearing a $150K watch.” And on that note…



“I thought my Jesus piece was so harmless / ‘Til I seen a picture of a shorty armless / And here’s the conflict / It’s in a black person’s soul to rock that gold / Spend ya whole life tryna get that ice”

Translation: “Man, being a disgustingly rich black celebrity is hard! It’s in my nature to want to wear hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, but they come at the price of black kids in Sierra Leone getting their arms cut off… Oh well, check out how Gucci I look!”


“Used to think my shit didn’t stink, boy was I wrong/ Approving million dollar deals from my iPhone”

Translation: “Yeah, I use the same cell phone as you common people, but I do way crazier shit with it. NoAngry Birds for me. Sometimes I’ll make a million dollar business transaction while you are getting email alerts from Chase that your balance just hit negative $4.”


“Got a million duffled up for the fuck of it.”

Translation: “In case you haven’t noticed, I do some weird shit with a million dollars. Sometimes, I’ll fill a duffel bag with cash in case I need to skip town or want to whip homeless people with it or something.”



“Keepin’ the baton, Louis Vuitton/ Gucci down to her feet, yup just like me/ I’m the one, with them ones/ Fuck the price on the tag, just throw it in the bag”

Translation: “Remember when the Geto Boys were rapping about killing sprees? Well, I am devoting an entire song to shopping sprees! Here’s a song I wrote that sounds like I’m reading off a bunch of receipts. It also points out that I have absolutely no awareness of how tame rappers have gotten since I am wearing the same brands as the women I’m trying to fuck.”



“50,000 dollars spent just to make my rims spin/ Half a million dollars spent on the house I live in/ Even more spent on the seat I sit my ass in”

Translation: “My understanding of money is so horribly askew that I think chairs should cost more than houses. There are plenty of wise financial decisions in ol’ Soulja Boy’s future!“



“I am on a 24-hour champagne diet/ Spillin’ while I’m sippin’, I encourage you to try it/ I’m probably just saying that ’cause I don’t have to buy it/ The club owner supply it, boy I’m on that fly shit”

Translation: “In case you only envy me for my money, you should also know that I never have to pay for anything either since people comp me stuff for being a notable connoisseur of gaudy crap.“



“My bathtub lift up, my walls do a 360/ We got the shit that the government got/ Talking money then you rubbing the spot”

Translation: “You ever seen that show MTV Cribs? I make that shit look like This Old House. Even my bathroom looks like something from the Men In Black compound.”



“We can do anything, walk into anywhere and buy anything!”

Translation: “Help! I’m on a mission to be the most unlikable man in music but unfortunately, I have the creativity and vocabulary skills of a dead squirrel. But trust me, I’ve still got lots of money! Breezy out.” *Punches own reflection in mirror*


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By Verena Stefanie Grotto

Hip-hop is having a renaissance right now in the city of New York, where it seems like every other day a new MC rises up out of the five boroughs with an even more unique style and approach to the music than what we thought was possible before. Motley crews like the A$AP Mob, the Beast Coast, and World’s Fair have given us a reason to love rhymes again. We’ve written a lot about this stuff, but sometimes words don’t do it justice. So, we’ve linked up with scene insider Verena Stefanie Grotto to document the new New York movement as it happens in real time, with intimate shots of rappers, scenesters, artists, and fashion fiends.

For this installment, Verena caught up with A$AP FergMarty BallaThe Underachievers, and Bodega BAMZ. She then shot photos of the Flatbush Zombies during their headlining set on Brooklyn’s Summer Stage, where she came across a mysterious pile of one-dollar bills.

Photographer Verena Stefanie was born and bred in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. The small town is not known for hip-hop, but they do make a very tasty grape-based pomace brandy there called grappa. Stefanie left Bassano del Grappa at the age of 17 to go and live the wild skateboarding life in Barcelona, Spain, where she worked as the Fashion Coordinator for VICE Spain. Tired of guiding photographers to catch the best shots, she eventually grabbed the camera herself and is now devoted to documenting artists, rappers, style-heads, and more. She recently directed a renowned documentary about the Grime scene in UK and has had photo features in GQ, CosmopolitanVICE, and many more. 

Check out her website and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


The New Jack The Rapper Convention All Star Weekend Feb 2013 Houston Tx.!

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“Industry Star’s Come To Houston All Star Weekend For Music Fashion Film Lifestyle EVENT!”

The All Star Weekend is about NBA basketball, the best of the best will be in town to transform Houston into a hot spot. But you shouldn’t be surprised to know, that there will be some stars hitting the city that don’t play basketball. These are the stars of entertainment and they will definitely make the basketball stars feel at home. For the first time ever, we are excited to bring The New Jack The Rapper Convention Vol. 2 to Houston! And this is a event that the stars of The entertainment industry star are sure to come out and support!


For 4 days TNJTRC Vol. 2 attendees can attend seminars, “chop it up” shops, Celebrity Gifting Suites, listening sessions, music showcases, fashion segments, award presentations and of course after parties! This TNJTRC Vol. 2 will give people that are looking for exciting day and evening events to compliment their NBA All Star experience.

BREAKING NEWS: We have just made this event even bigger, with the partnership of the Texas Music Conference. Terry Mcgill has signed on to the bring his Texas Music Conference power to a already hot event. Mr. Mcgill 13 years of experience will assist us in navigating around the Texas State.

We are not finished yet! Shaq O’Neal’s record label, Deja 34 has made a commitment, to find the next hot talent at TNJTRC Vol. 2 to sign to his new label. By Shaq bringing Deja 34 to the Convention for four days, he will be providing artists an opportunity to shine and possibly get a deal. At the First New Jack The Rapper Convention, it provided an opportunity for artist Se’von to receive a record deal with Universal. And Se’von’s single “Long Road” is featured on a NBA commerical that is played around the world and will be performed during the convention. Another Fantastic artist that will be performing, is artist dlo (sound, looks and acts like a reincarnation of 2PAC) who received a winning production track from platinum producer Lex Dirty. Lex Dirty is credited with producing tracks for 2 PAC, Rick Ross, French Montana, P Diddy and many more. His production company is coming back to offer those same services to the hottest talent, his tracks are valued at $30,000 per track. One winner will win one of those hot tracks. Also participating in The New Jack Rapper Convention Vol 2 is artist and platinum producer Luney Tunez. High power producer Luney Tunez from Atlanta, with singles on Future Album Pluto and his newest produced single for Pop star Rihana.

That’s not all, A blazing fashion segment will be developed to keep you entertained with 15 and 30 min segments of fresh fashion for the spring and ready wear markets. The UFW CEO is co-founder of the TNJTRC Vol. 2 and will present a hot in your face fashion segment. To close each night, awards will be given to the following people in the market listed below. Please look for awards going to additional music executives, hottest models, designers and stylist in this Texas region.

The New Jack The Rapper Convention All Star Edition is here to uplift and provide scholarship to people in the arts. Please support the event and the sponsors that will make this a fun All Star Weekend Experience.

Awards Presented to :

– Geto Boys – Hip hop Pioneer Award

– James Prince Boys – Ceo Rap – A – Lot Records Hip Hop pioneer Award

– Bun B of “UGK” – Hip Hop Living Legend Award

– Slim Thug – Hip Hop Living Legend Award

– Kirko bangz – Freshman Of The Year Award

– Mehgan James – Bad Girl Club Season – 9 in Mexico – Eye Candy Of the Year TX

More names will be announced

Please go to for entire convention schedule Starting from Thursday thru Sunday.


Heels And Hip Hop Invade The Atlanta Microsoft Store

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Hip Hop Insiders Set to Discuss the Status of Females in Music During An Industry Mixer and Empowerment Panel in Atlanta

Hip Hop in High Heels
, mixer and empowerment panel, slated for Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012 is quickly gaining momentum. Produced by Atlanta-based entertainment journalist Lex Monroe and hosted by DJ Lady B, Hip Hop in High Heels will dissect and address the position of women in the music industry.

“The image portrayed of women in Hip Hop is somewhat skewedthere is more to us than being a video model or the jumpoff portrayed in certain reality shows. This event is meant to serve as a platform to discuss how we can embrace our femininity, yet level the playing field,” exclaims Lex Monroe.

hip-hop-in-high-heels-atlanta_BIDSMAGLex Monroe in conjunction with sponsors Brittany’s Brazilian Beauties, IME Promotions, the Microsoft Store Atlanta and Sapphire ink Public Relations guarantees an experience to simulate the minds of attendees. With topics ranging from professionalism to relationships, the carefully selected panel will provide various viewpoints for the audience. Panelist for the event include:

Honey B, V-103

Amber Grimes, Executive Assistant at Buvision/Def Jam

J.R. McKee, A&R at Buvision/Def Jam

Diana Schweinbeck, Founder of Mixtape Monopoly

King Saladean, Former DTP Records A&R/Promotions Director

In addition to the wealth of knowledge, guest will have the opportunity to win prizes from Bliss Skate Co, iRockout, London Laundry, and New Era ATL by registering for the event at or emailing

Who is the Clownin’ Gang Looking for?

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Clown n. – A coarse, rude, vulgar person; a boor.

Gang n. – A group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit.

Dictator n. – An absolute ruler.

From the Streets of Stonehenge aka The Island, Travis “Dicator” West is the ruler, with his debut single “Spot Em” from his latest mixtape “Clownin’ Gang“.

Check out Dictator in upcoming issues of  BIG IN DA STREET MAGAZINE.

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Gucci Mane Says Beef With Yo Gotti Stems From ‘Trap God’ Mixtape Release Date

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Gucci Mane has been going at everyone in recent weeks. Obviously, everyone’s heard the issues with Young Jeezy, the stab at Yung Joc, and most recently, past collaborator Yo Gotti.

Following a tweet, in which he threw a shot at Gotti, the ATL hip-hop star conducted an interview on Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 radio station where he further explained why he has issues with his Memphis peer, revealing that it all stems from their mixtapes — CM7 and Trap God — dropping on the same day, October 17th.

“I said Gotti was cool with me until he turned into a buster. I never said that we wasn’t cool, I said we was cool until this point right here,” he said during the interview. “My main problem with him was that he dropped his mixtape on 10/17 (the name of Gucci’s record label), and tried to like ride my wave, like he was an artist of mine or we get some kind of money together.

“For an artist to drop they mixtape on 10/17, which is my label on the day I drop all [my projects], why would you drop it on 10/17? When I call you as my partner, to ask you why you did it, you say ‘Oh, I didn’t know you was dropping a mixtape.’ … It just made me lose all respect from him instantly,” Gucci continued.

Despite Gucci’s claim, Yo Gotti said that wasn’t the case. During a separate interview with radio personality Devin Steel on Memphis’ K97, the Tennessee rapper denied that he chose the date intentionally, but simply didn’t realize it.

“It came down to … me and [Gucci Mane] were dropping on the same day. We didn’t know it,” Gotti explained. “I didn’t know it in the beginning. I found out a day or so later, but once I found out — he supposed to be my homeboy — I hit his phone, immediately. He didn’t answer. I told [his camp] to reach out to me; he never reached out to me.

“Last minute, we in the lab, we heard about the tweet — immediately, I hit his phone, like ‘What’s up homie? You good?’ We chopped it up. Long story short, from that point, I realized homie had an issue for whatever reason it was — his free music and my free music coming the same day. I don’t really get it, but on the strength of him being my homie, I’m like cool, I’ll coming out tomorrow.”

Unsigned Rapper Performing at Olympics

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The Olympics 2012 has been the bench mark for many an athlete, but what about music artists?… For any artist it is an honour to perform as part of what is the event of the noughties so far.


Just 25 years old, East-Ham born artist-producer Cynikal is honoured to be chosen to perform on Tuesday 7th 2012, at The Olympic Park, for four separate 30-minute sets.

Cynikal talks of his feelings towards playing at the Olympic Park on 7th August, and 5th September for the Paralympics (four gigs per date).  “It’s somewhat surreal, especially because I was born in East Ham, and I grew up just down the road in Ilford. The old East End heritage played a massive role in sculpting the capital in history, but that era has gone and a new one has arrived. I just didn’t think it would be in my lifetime.”

The talented rapper has performed at a number of renowned venues including Soho’s Ronnie Scott’s and Love Box, as well as at Camden’s historic venue, The Roundhouse on various occasions as part of events such as The Emerging Proms (2009), Turning Point Festival (2008, 2009). The Roundhouse team play a fundamental role in pushing and connecting young musicians in London, and saw obvious talent in Cynikal, putting him forward for the Olympic performances.

It certainly is something to be proud of for an unsigned young artist, “The occasion is going to be huge. Only now is it starting to sink in. I’ll be playing to an international demographic, people who may not necessarily even understand the lyrics, but almost for that reason alone I’m determined to put on a great show. Hip Hop doesn’t have this kind of opportunity often and I feel as though I have to represent it well, not to mention my family, my friends and all those who have supported me over the years.”

For interviews, images or further information please contact Jordan at PortalPR

Kayslee’s “Panties” Conjures Up the Best of Anything Pink Has Produced

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Kayslee’s Hit Song “Panties” Conjures Up the Best of Anything Pink Has Produced.
Kayslee's Hit Song "Panties"
Kayslee’s Hit Song “Panties”

KAYSLEE’s exciting new summer hit EP “Girl’s Night In” has received global attention and 5-star reviews on the popular music source iTunes. A fan emphatically tweeted @KaysleeCollins that one of her hit songs, “Panties”“Conjures up the best of anything (your idol) Pink has produced. Edgy pop.”

“Panties” is an anthem for “good girls”—an ode to those girls who are tired of a guy throwing his wallet around in hopes of taking the girl home!

Work on the EP was recently completed by Grammy Award-Winner Music Engineer & Producer Jack Joseph Puig, at the world’s most awarded studio complex, Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood. Generations of music icons, from Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and Michael Jackson, all the way to contemporary artists like Green Day, Dr. Dre, Radiohead, Kanye West, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers have recorded albums there.

John Winfield, Publisher of Fine Magazine, a lifestyle publication stated, “A star is definitely born! I heard a sampling of songs from Kayslee’s upcoming EP release and I have to say move over Madonna and Katy Perry. She’s unique, her voice is compelling, she’s sassy, tall and beautiful and commands a stunning stage presence. Kayslee’s global fan base will love this one! I won’t be surprised if this record goes Multi-Platinum. Watch out for this artist!”

Kayslee continues to be a role model for young women globally and says about her life, “It’s a blessing and I thank God every day.”


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Partners with VICE on Multi-Platform Project that includes New Album, Feature-Length Documentary, Photo Book and Non-Profit Initiative

Riveting documentary accepted to the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival and will premiere on September 7th and 8th, 2012

Los Angeles, CA — Last night, Snoop Dogg unveiled the meaning behind his newest moniker, Snoop Lion, and explained his latest project,REINCARNATED. Set at New York’s famed Jamaican themed record store and restaurant, Miss Lily’s, Sway Calloway (MTV, SiriusXM) hosted the event with Snoop Lion, Diplo, Ted Chung (Snoop Dogg’s Manager, Stampede Management) and Suroosh Alvi (co-founder, VICE Media).

In conjunction with VICE, the youth media brand, the REINCARNATEDproject embodies Snoop’s recent stay on the island of Jamaica. The project includes a reggae album produced by Diplo and the Major Lazer production team, documentary, photo book and a non-profit initiative called Mind Garden.

Initially set as a trip to focus on his music in an isolated environment, the journey quickly morphed into both a musical and a spiritual awakening. “For this project, I had no intention of making a reggae album, but the spirit called me. Anytime the spirit calls you gotta know that it’s serious and real,” recalled Snoop on both the Rastafarian culture and the Jamaican people who embraced him along the journey of being reincarnated into Snoop Lion.

Snoop revealed the story behind his adopted moniker “Snoop Lion” – a title change that garnered massive press attention when announced through his social networks last week. The title was given to him by the revered Nyabinghi upon his arrival to the island. The name is derived from the Lion that appears on the Imperial Ethiopian flag and remains an honored symbol of former Ethiopian Emperor Halie Selassie I and the Rastafarians themselves.

I didn’t want to be Snoop Dogg on a reggae track…I wanted to bury Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion, but I didn’t know that until I went to the temple and received the name Snoop Lion from the Nyabingi priest,” said Snoop. “From that moment on, I started to understand why I was there and was able to create something magical in this [Reincarnated] project…something I haven’t done before in my career.

Snoop recently released his first single “La La La” from hisREINCARNATED reggae album to rave reviews. In celebration of his song and to commemorate 50 years of Jamaican independence on August 6th, Snoop has made 1962 copies of limited edition 7″ vinyls to distribute.

The riveting documentary was also just accepted to the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival and will premiere on September 7th and 8th, 2012. VICE documented Snoop’s very personal journey throughout Jamaica and his time spent with Rastafarian elders. The documentary,REINCARNATED, features never-before-seen images of Jamaica, as Snoop was granted unprecedented access to Rastafarian culture, temples and Jamaican culture.

Watch Official Trailer of REINCARNATED here:

Not only was his time documented on film, but also through awe-inspiring photos of Jamaica’s rich landscapes and beautiful people. The photos were captured by Los Angeles photographer, Willie T, and will be released as a coffee table book through VICE.

While in Jamaica, Snoop was deeply affected by the people of Jamaica and also discussed his role in the development of Mind Garden, a non-profit social initiative focusing on community gardens that will provide essential nourishment to the kids in Kingston, Jamaica. For Mind Garden, Snoop partnered with renowned businessman Jean Paul DeJoria and his JP’s Love, Peace and Happiness Foundation.

Keep posted on REINCARNATED by visiting and follow @Snoop_Lion on Twitter and Instagram.
Reincarnated Trailer Link:
Reincarnated Conference Link:


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K2 World releases long awaited video for online smash “Bigger”.

London based rapper K2 World smashed onto the scene earlier this year with his charisma packed single “Bigger”, now the highly rated rapper presents the blogosphere with the single’s brand new official video.

K2 World, real name Kenneth Adu Danquah, was born on the West coast of Africa in 1986 and was brought to London at a young age, where he later resided and was schooled in East London.

The talented MC, who was formerly known as Killa K, displayed a musical talent from a young age despite his parents being keen to see their son become a professional doctor or lawyer. K2 soon began to find his footing musically, and in 2011 was introduced to Rich Boy Entertainment (via to his good friend Tinchy Styder) who swiftly signed the artist to a deal.

“Bigger” is the latest single from K2 World and sees him deliver his unique and distinctive flow over a vibrant, upbeat production. The single will be available digitally on 10/09/2012.