#Trendin Album Release Party?? Check out what to wear here..

In MAGAZINE on June 19, 2013 at 2:22 pm

This is one of the first pictures you’ll find when you google “New York Music Party”

It’s summertime and you know what means: album release parties! But these aren’t your dad’s boring club nights where the biggest radio personality available hosts, the man of the hour performs two songs, and you and your four besties split a single bottle of Ciroc. All the cool kids are trying new things and premiering their music in fun crazy new ways. And Noisey is here to make sure you look the part!


The Album: Kanye West – Yeezus

The Event: Video premiere projected on the side of the Guggenheim in the middle of the night while Kanye probably lurks in the shadows like Batman.

Your Outfit: Lots of black. Drop-crotch pants and a shirt with at least one triangle on it and big lettering.


This is believed to be Mayor Bloomberg’s best attempt at “Rap Hands”

The Album: Jay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail

The Event: Private listening event held in a smaller room at a venue much fancier than the 40/40 Club.

Your Outfit: Really, your style icon for this party should be Michael Bloomberg. Also don’t wear a Yankees hat—that’s like wearing a band’s shirt to their show.


The Album: J.Cole – Born Sinner

The Event: Less private listening event held in a larger room at a venue ironically owned by Michael Bloomberg.

Your Outfit: We’re calling it—all-over print is back. Dust off that Kid Robot hoodie from ’06 and match it with some cargo pants.


This is Anwar Carrots, a dude who would probably be at Mac Miller’s album release party

The Album: Mac Miller – Watching Movies With the Sound Off

The Event: Upsized house party at a young millionaire’s mansion in LA.

Your Outfit: Peas and Carrots tank and Gucci driving shoes. A backpack with a few copies of your mixtape because who knows who you’ll run into.


The Album: Action Bronson and Harry Fraud – Saaab Stories

The Event: Large impromptu gathering at a gentlemen’s establishment in Queens.

Your Outfit: As much Polo as you can find and then shower sandals because you got it like that.


The Album: Migos – Young Rich Niggas

The Event: Actually a club night.

Your Outfit: Versace versace versace.


Skinny Friedman and Meaghan Garvey are fashion experts. They are on Twitter – @skinny412@moneyworth

By Skinny Friedman and Meaghan Garvey

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