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The Unstoppable Force Of Athens

In Events, MAGAZINE on June 26, 2013 at 6:42 pm

#BIDSMAG recently had a shoot at Hotel Indigo with some of Athens finest for the cover of the next issue, The Classic City Collectors Edition. This issue features some of Athens elite artists, models, and more. Take a look to see a small piece of what you should expect to see in the next issue. 

Street Queen Tempestt Monique

Elite The Showstoppa of The Showtime Band

CEO of Blue Up Ent

One Half of the spoken word group African Soul

Damon Evans, Bigg Breezey, Elite Tha Showstoppa

Rapper Flo Rida steals the show at the 2013 Forgiato Fest

In Events, MAGAZINE on June 20, 2013 at 8:19 pm


This shiny object is a custom Bugatti Veyron owned by rapper Flo Rida, real name Tramar Dillard. The $1.7 million car started out life in a pearlescent white hue but Flo Rida eventually got bored of this and went with a chrome finish. Clearly, just owning a Veyron wasn’t attention grabbing enough for the rapper.

But Flo Rida’s lust for shiny cars didn’t end there.

Perhaps determined to outdo the owner of this red chrome Veyron, Flo Rida recently called Florida’s Metro Wrapz and requested an even tackier flashier finish: gold chrome.

Of course, you can’t drive a gold Veyron and not have matching gold wheels, so Flo Rida also had Metro Wrapz install a set of gold-plated wheels from Forgiato.

Metro Wrapz, whose slogan is “Go Chrome or Go Home,” has also done work for numerous celebrities including Lebron James, Rashad Jones and Pitbull. Some of the company’s other creations include a Hulk-themed Lamborghini Gallardo and a fleet of cars for the Miami Dolphins football team.


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Remember when hip hop wasn’t a cesspool of disgustingly rampant materialism? Remember when it was an expression of the collective struggle of the lower class? Rappers once sang about things that scared the living hell out of suburban house-moms like killing cops and robbing liquor stores. And now here we are in 2013 and the quality of rap in general is at its lowest point in history. Not that there isn’t any good hip hop being produced, but the rappers who have “made it”—the ones who get played on the radio and have their words taken as gospel by millions of kids—have gotten so far detached from the real world that it’s mind-boggling why any non-private-jet-owning person would ever listen to them. And while an entire book could be filled with lyrics that are thoroughly unrelatable to the common person, here are just a few of the most disgustingly egregious ones.


“Have a baby by me, baby, be a millionaire/ I write the check before the baby comes, who the fuck cares?”

Translation: “For a rich rapper who likes to get his fuck on like me, dropping millions of dollars in child support is just plain easier than paying for pregnancy tests or wearing condoms. It is literally worth at least a million dollars to have unprotected sex with some random woman. I am literally jizzing money over here.”



“Basquiats, Warhols serving as my muses/ My house like a museum, so I see ‘em when I’m peeing/ Usually you have this much taste, you European”

Translation: “Even though the nicest art most people who buy my albums will ever see is a spraypainted mural of Tupac, I’ve got a veritable museum right here in my shitter. You know, just in case I get mildly bored in the five minutes when I’m squeezing out a turd, and no, I’m not talking about Kingdom Come.”



“Vacation to Haiti, it nearly broke my heart/ Seeing kids starve, I thought about my Audemar”

Translation: “My fat ass was having such a dandy time on vacay in Haiti until I noticed that it’s a festering, disease-ridden third world country. Then I felt slightly guilty for wearing a $150K watch.” And on that note…



“I thought my Jesus piece was so harmless / ‘Til I seen a picture of a shorty armless / And here’s the conflict / It’s in a black person’s soul to rock that gold / Spend ya whole life tryna get that ice”

Translation: “Man, being a disgustingly rich black celebrity is hard! It’s in my nature to want to wear hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, but they come at the price of black kids in Sierra Leone getting their arms cut off… Oh well, check out how Gucci I look!”


“Used to think my shit didn’t stink, boy was I wrong/ Approving million dollar deals from my iPhone”

Translation: “Yeah, I use the same cell phone as you common people, but I do way crazier shit with it. NoAngry Birds for me. Sometimes I’ll make a million dollar business transaction while you are getting email alerts from Chase that your balance just hit negative $4.”


“Got a million duffled up for the fuck of it.”

Translation: “In case you haven’t noticed, I do some weird shit with a million dollars. Sometimes, I’ll fill a duffel bag with cash in case I need to skip town or want to whip homeless people with it or something.”



“Keepin’ the baton, Louis Vuitton/ Gucci down to her feet, yup just like me/ I’m the one, with them ones/ Fuck the price on the tag, just throw it in the bag”

Translation: “Remember when the Geto Boys were rapping about killing sprees? Well, I am devoting an entire song to shopping sprees! Here’s a song I wrote that sounds like I’m reading off a bunch of receipts. It also points out that I have absolutely no awareness of how tame rappers have gotten since I am wearing the same brands as the women I’m trying to fuck.”



“50,000 dollars spent just to make my rims spin/ Half a million dollars spent on the house I live in/ Even more spent on the seat I sit my ass in”

Translation: “My understanding of money is so horribly askew that I think chairs should cost more than houses. There are plenty of wise financial decisions in ol’ Soulja Boy’s future!“



“I am on a 24-hour champagne diet/ Spillin’ while I’m sippin’, I encourage you to try it/ I’m probably just saying that ’cause I don’t have to buy it/ The club owner supply it, boy I’m on that fly shit”

Translation: “In case you only envy me for my money, you should also know that I never have to pay for anything either since people comp me stuff for being a notable connoisseur of gaudy crap.“



“My bathtub lift up, my walls do a 360/ We got the shit that the government got/ Talking money then you rubbing the spot”

Translation: “You ever seen that show MTV Cribs? I make that shit look like This Old House. Even my bathroom looks like something from the Men In Black compound.”



“We can do anything, walk into anywhere and buy anything!”

Translation: “Help! I’m on a mission to be the most unlikable man in music but unfortunately, I have the creativity and vocabulary skills of a dead squirrel. But trust me, I’ve still got lots of money! Breezy out.” *Punches own reflection in mirror*


Dan Ozzi runs Jaded Punk. Follow him on Twitter – @danozzi

#Trendin Album Release Party?? Check out what to wear here..

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This is one of the first pictures you’ll find when you google “New York Music Party”

It’s summertime and you know what means: album release parties! But these aren’t your dad’s boring club nights where the biggest radio personality available hosts, the man of the hour performs two songs, and you and your four besties split a single bottle of Ciroc. All the cool kids are trying new things and premiering their music in fun crazy new ways. And Noisey is here to make sure you look the part!


The Album: Kanye West – Yeezus

The Event: Video premiere projected on the side of the Guggenheim in the middle of the night while Kanye probably lurks in the shadows like Batman.

Your Outfit: Lots of black. Drop-crotch pants and a shirt with at least one triangle on it and big lettering.


This is believed to be Mayor Bloomberg’s best attempt at “Rap Hands”

The Album: Jay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail

The Event: Private listening event held in a smaller room at a venue much fancier than the 40/40 Club.

Your Outfit: Really, your style icon for this party should be Michael Bloomberg. Also don’t wear a Yankees hat—that’s like wearing a band’s shirt to their show.


The Album: J.Cole – Born Sinner

The Event: Less private listening event held in a larger room at a venue ironically owned by Michael Bloomberg.

Your Outfit: We’re calling it—all-over print is back. Dust off that Kid Robot hoodie from ’06 and match it with some cargo pants.


This is Anwar Carrots, a dude who would probably be at Mac Miller’s album release party

The Album: Mac Miller – Watching Movies With the Sound Off

The Event: Upsized house party at a young millionaire’s mansion in LA.

Your Outfit: Peas and Carrots tank and Gucci driving shoes. A backpack with a few copies of your mixtape because who knows who you’ll run into.


The Album: Action Bronson and Harry Fraud – Saaab Stories

The Event: Large impromptu gathering at a gentlemen’s establishment in Queens.

Your Outfit: As much Polo as you can find and then shower sandals because you got it like that.


The Album: Migos – Young Rich Niggas

The Event: Actually a club night.

Your Outfit: Versace versace versace.


Skinny Friedman and Meaghan Garvey are fashion experts. They are on Twitter – @skinny412@moneyworth

By Skinny Friedman and Meaghan Garvey

#Trendin East End Girls

In MAGAZINE on June 19, 2013 at 2:09 pm

Left to Right

Hat: Milkcrate Athletics
Pants: K-Way
Socks: Stylists Own
Shoes: Nike

Top: Nike
Sports Bra: Nike
Pants: Issey Miyake
Socks and Shoes: Nike


Sweatshirt: Vintage Champion
Shorts: 8ight Seconds
Shoes: Nike

Shirt: Vintage Polo
Shorts: Adidas
Sock and Shoes: Nike


Shirt: Fred Perry
Shorts and Sock: Stylists own
Sandals: Nike

Top: Polo Sport
Pants: Adidas
Socks: Deisel
Sandals: Adidas

Top: Nike
Pants: Issey Miyake

Top: Fred Perry

Bomber Jacket: NorBlackNorWhite
Mesh Hoodie: Model’s own
Shorts: Adidas
Bag: Chinatown

Hat: Nike
Jacket: Catherine Malandrino
Pants: Topshop
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Nike

Sweatshirt: Itzsoweezee
Mesh Top: 69 Vintage
Spandex Shorts: Adidas
Shorts: Adidas
Pants: Adidas
Shoes: Nike

Hat: Ssur
Hoodie: Nike
T-Shirt: Vintage Stussy
Shorts: DKNY
Socks: Adidas
Shoes: Gucci

T-Shirt: Fuct
Pants: Adidas

Vest: Lululemon
Bomber: NorBlackNorWhite
T-Shirt: Nowhereland
Shorts: Nike
Gloves: Nike

Top: Adidas
Sheer Top: Nowhereland
Pants: Adidas

Hat: Mind Your Own Business
Hoodie: Calvin Klein
Bra: Minnow Bathers
Pants: Adidas


In Events, MAGAZINE on June 19, 2013 at 2:05 pm

By Verena Stefanie Grotto

Hip-hop is having a renaissance right now in the city of New York, where it seems like every other day a new MC rises up out of the five boroughs with an even more unique style and approach to the music than what we thought was possible before. Motley crews like the A$AP Mob, the Beast Coast, and World’s Fair have given us a reason to love rhymes again. We’ve written a lot about this stuff, but sometimes words don’t do it justice. So, we’ve linked up with scene insider Verena Stefanie Grotto to document the new New York movement as it happens in real time, with intimate shots of rappers, scenesters, artists, and fashion fiends.

For this installment, Verena caught up with A$AP FergMarty BallaThe Underachievers, and Bodega BAMZ. She then shot photos of the Flatbush Zombies during their headlining set on Brooklyn’s Summer Stage, where she came across a mysterious pile of one-dollar bills.

Photographer Verena Stefanie was born and bred in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. The small town is not known for hip-hop, but they do make a very tasty grape-based pomace brandy there called grappa. Stefanie left Bassano del Grappa at the age of 17 to go and live the wild skateboarding life in Barcelona, Spain, where she worked as the Fashion Coordinator for VICE Spain. Tired of guiding photographers to catch the best shots, she eventually grabbed the camera herself and is now devoted to documenting artists, rappers, style-heads, and more. She recently directed a renowned documentary about the Grime scene in UK and has had photo features in GQ, CosmopolitanVICE, and many more. 

Check out her website and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


New Beauty Bar Open in Buckhead! Get ya swag right!

In Events, MAGAZINE on June 19, 2013 at 1:56 pm

Atlien’s, its time to come retreat at the new edgy beauty parlor–themed lounge known as Unique Tulips Beauty Bar ( Unique Tulips made its debut in Columbus GA then this posh spot for high balls and hot rollers has gone on to set up shop in such hair-raising cities as Atlanta and slated for so many more…. Now it looks like it’s Atlanta’s, or more specifically, Buckhead’s turn.
Unique Tulip’s third location is scheduled to open in New Orleans sometime this year.

Unique Tulips Beauty Bar is owned by Rocquel Caliste.

Music, Manicures Hair, Matinis and Mojitos? This is either the best idea EVER or one of the most hair-brained ideas to ever hit A-town.

Owner Rocquel Caliste believes that everyone should be able to “feel like a princess (or prince) for a day,” and is committed to delivering the highest quality experience at competitive rates. “We’re all about affordable luxury,” said Caliste. She also understands the realities of clients’ busy days, and has specially designed time-saving all-over services such as body toning, eyelash extensions, a pedicure and a manicure which can all be done simultaneously.

About the Unique Tulips Beauty Bar
Footsteps from Atlanta’s most exciting attractions, The Beauty Bar combines edgy decor, convenience and personalized service

Despicable Me 2 Features the Distinct Sound of Leslie Brathwaite

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Behind every great musician, there is a skilled engineer who works around the clock mixing all aspects of a song’s sound to make it a pop success. As a recording and mix engineer, Leslie Brathwaite works behind the scenes for superstar performers.

Leslie Brathwaite

Beginning July 3, moviegoers will enjoy listening to his work in the major motion picture release of the expected blockbuster, Despicable Me 2. Working with mega-producer Pharrell Williams on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, Brathwaite utilized his trained ear to create distinct and polished music for the movie. The sequel to the 2010 hit will again star Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Ken Jeong and Miranda Cosgrove.

“Working on major motion pictures allows me to continue expanding my audience beyond corporate, advertising and music projects,” said Brathwaite. “Pharrell is a legend in the music industry and I’m confident that fans are going to really enjoy Despicable Me 2.”

Leslie’s work has been recognized with multiple Grammys, including nods for his work on the Monica/Brandy single The Boy is Mine, TLC’s multi-platinum album Fanmail, Outkast’s Stankonia and Speakerbox/The Love Below albums, Bee Bee and Cee Cee Winans album Still, Mary J. Blige’s No More Drama album and many more.

In addition to numerous other industry accolades, Leslie has placed countless songs on the Billboard charts. He has also worked on projects such as the 2012 Disney Channel Holiday Playlist and soundtracks such as Hoodlum, The Nutty Professor, Panther, xXx, Tomb Raider, Bad Boys, Osmosis Jones and the upcoming TLC movie release.

Born in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Leslie’s environment played a large role in his musical development, as well as learning under the tutelage of super-producer Dallas Austin at D.A.R.P. Studios.  He was inducted into the Full Sail University Hall of fame – a very distinct honor from his alma mater.

Leslie currently wo

rks out of Music Box Studios in Atlanta, which is owned by Bu Thiam, a music industry mogul, Chris Brown’s manager and the brother of superstar singer-songwriter Akon. Leslie’s projects take him across the world and upcoming work includes music from Chris Brown, Akon, Usher and many others.

The Branding Bar LLC.,Welcomes New Clients!Grand Hustle Artists Young Dro,Doe B,Trae thaTruth,Spodee

In MAGAZINE on June 19, 2013 at 1:35 pm

The Branding Bar LLC., (, an Atlanta-based public relations and personal branding agency, announced this month the signing of its newest clients, Young Dro, Doe B, Trae tha Truth, and Spodee, music artists signed to Grand Hustle/ Defient Entertainment. All artists’ will retain The Branding Bar’s PR’s services to enhance their overall image, public relations, and media exposure.

“We’re very excited about working with Grand Hustle/Defient Ent. Artists,” said Brittany Benson, president and CEO of The Branding Bar. “The entire roster of artists already has a great following and we are dedicated to helping bring more awareness to their brands.”
About Defient Entertainment:
[Defiant+Entertainment = Defient]
Defient is an entertainment group that finds, signs, develops and markets creative talents such as music producers, songwriters and artists.

Based out of Atlanta, GA, The Branding Bar is a privately owned company run by Brittany Benson. It is a fusion of personal branding, public relations, strategic partnership brand marketing with a dash of social media marketing. The Branding Bar provides personal branding consultations, PR and social media marketing for small businesses and personal brands looking to enhance their image. You can connect with The Branding Bar by calling 678.744.6771 or visiting or by emailing Brittany Benson at for more information.

Rappers in jeggings and skirts??

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Today its hard to find a “gangsta rapper” or is it? Has the term “gangsta” been reinvented and reborn? Take a look at what today rap stars are wearing, we wanna know, hot or not

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