In MAGAZINE on May 23, 2013 at 1:37 pm
Man Accidentally Pocket Dials 911 and Tells on Himself
 Police detectives often spend months, even years, searching for the assailants in criminal cases. Then there are other instances where the scott simonalleged criminal implicates himself and just seems fated for arrest.

One Florida man hadn’t even committed a crime when he mistakenly pocket dialed 911 and revealed that he was planning a murder.

Authorities say Scott Simon, 24, can be heard on a recorded 911 call from May 5th saying he’s going to follow Nicholas Romondo Walker, 33, and kill him. After the murder, police were able to link the 911 call for the death of Walker. The call was made just minutes before Walker’s death. Police have arrested Simon and charged him with first degree murder.

Walker reportedly entered I-95 when he was shot multiple times, causing him to crash on the highway. Investigators say they don’t think Simon pulled the trigger in the shooting, but that he orchestrated the hit on Walker.

Police believe an argument at Waffle House led to the shooting. Authorities reviewed surveillance video from Waffle House on the night of the argument and interviewed people who witnessed the argument between Walker and Simon.

Both Simon and Walker have previous arrests. Walker has 19 previous arrests, including cocaine possession, distribution, grand theft, resisting arrest and driving violations. Simon’s 15 previous arrests  include fraud and cocaine possession.

Walker’s mother said she’s “very happy” about the arrest.

Police are still looking for two other men in the video who may have been connected to the shooting.

Welp my friend….dont drop the soap!

Over at BIG IN DA STREET MAG we don’t condone snitching but if you must, please only snitch on yourself.

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