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The 1st Annual Athens Hip Hop Awards #AHHA

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The 1st Annual Athens Hip Hop Awards (AHHA), a tribute to Urban culture, musical talent and business owners in Athens, Ga will be held on April 28th, 2013, at UGA Hotel and Conference Center, 1197 S.Lumpkin Str. Athens, Ga.
Over 300 nominations were made in 18 different categories confirming that Athens urban community is vibrant and supportive. Alongside a list of special invited guest and hip hop honorees, this event will salute the winners of the 1st Annual Athens Hip Hop Awards.

United Group Of Artist,” is an organization that supports, educate, and unite indie artist for the love of music. Founders Knowa Logic and Jasmine “Mokah” Johnson have over 10 years experience as marketing/business professional in the music industry. Voting ends April 25, 2013.

The AHHA program is as follows
6:00 p.m. Red Carpet
7:00 p.m. Awards Show
9:30 p.m. Meet & Greet

Tickets are $10 adv and $20 per ticket for general seating. For more information visit

2013 Athens Hip Hop Awards

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Its been a long time coming and its well past due, but the wait is finally over!!!

UGALive aka United Group of Artist will be throwing the first annual hip hop awards geared to Athens hip hop, r and b, rap and community favorites. This is the first time of its kind to ever come to Athens Georgia and we are sure this event will be a hit! Be Sure to vote for your favorite artist and save the date.


Micheal Jordan on the hush hush!!

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In typical VIP fashion, guests on the invite list of Michael Jordan’s upcoming wedding to model Yvette Prieto have reportedly been asked to keep all details concerning the ceremony a secret.

Jordan, 50, and his bride-to-be Prieto, 34, have been engaged since December, 2011 but have held off their nuptials until now.

According to the Chicago SunTimes, those on the invite list were given specific orders not to bring any cameras or cell phones, to avoid the temptation of snapping photos. They were also asked not to speak to the press or family members who may spill any details.

The precautions come several weeks after Jordan made headlines again for accusations that he had fathered a son with a Georgia-based sex instructor.

The black tie affair is scheduled to take place in Palm Beach, Florida, on April 27.

Meanwhile in Gucci Mane News….

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Gucci Mane has been arrested in connection to last week’s assault charges.

News has broken that Gucci, real name Radric Davis, was arrested this morning and has been taken into custody at Fulton County Jail. As of now, he is being charged with hitting an Atlanta club parton over the head with a champagne bottle after the aforementioned patron asked for a picture with the rapper.

Gucci is expected to appear in court later today at 11 AM.

As reported last week, Atlanta police issued a warrant for Gucci’s arrest following the alleged assault at Atlanta’s Harlem Nights club. The “Lemonade” rapper also reportedly punched a concert-goer  after a performance at aPhiladelphia nightclub over the weekend.

Lil Jon to turn up Club Liv

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Lil Jon will hype up Miami Wednesday night at Liv Miami Nightclub at the Fontainebleau. Lil Jon has always shown Miami love. His Outta Your Mind 2010 video, which features LMFAO, was filmed around the Fontainebleau pool, at Nikki Beach, Ocean Drive, and other Miami Beach hotspots. According to his latest tweets, the rapper turned Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice began soaking in Miami sunshine on a yacht shortly after arriving on Tuesday. Maybe if you shake it like a salt shaker he’ll invite you to board his boat. Cheesy 2003 reference?

Lil Jon and Claudia Jordan

Kandi Burruss sues Kim Zolciak

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Talk about “Tardy for the Party.”
More than three years after the song “Tardy for the Party” became an unlikely novelty dance hit for former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Kim Zolciak, producer and current RHOA cast member Kandi Burruss is suing Zolciak for not compensating her properly for her work.
In the lawsuit filed Tuesday in the United States District Court of the Northern District of Georgia, Burruss and co-writer Rodney Richards are seeking “damages for copyright infringement due to Defendants’ unauthorized and unlawful licensing, distribution and sale of Plaintiffs’ creative works, namely a sound recording embodying a performance of a musical composition entitled ‘Tardy for the Party. ‘ ”
The song, in which Zolciak’s daughter Brielle gets songwriting credit, sold 102,000 copies, the lawsuit said. 
This issue was a major plot point on the show season three, which aired in 2010 and 2011. On the show, Burruss complained that Zolciak hadn’t paid her what she was due for her work producing and co-writing the song. The conflict was addressed yet again last year during the season four reunion show though it appeared Burruss was ready to put it behind her.
“That was a learning experience, but I feel like good things have come out of me working with her,” Burruss told Bravo executive and reunion host Andy Cohen.
In past news stories, Burruss said she had been paid only a one-time $4,000 fee. According to a Hollywood Reporter story in 2011, Burruss “didn’t have an agreement in place concerning royalties but also because she handed over rights to Bravo.”
She added at the time: “I know Kim was new to the music industry so I don’t feel like she was purposely trying to wrong me. I just think she was misinformed.”
In October, 2010, Burruss explained the situation on a Bravo blog.
I hardly got anything from “Tardy For The Party.” That is the truth. I am not mad about it. I really blame myself, because I didn’t handle my business correctly. The back story is that when we first did the song, I had Vito (the producer that helped me with the music) talk to Kim about how we would get paid. I didn’t want to have that discussion with her because sometimes doing business can make a friendship uncomfortable. We had already signed a publishing split sheet that split the publishing (writer’s royalty) equally between myself, Vito, her daughter, and Ed (the guy who wrote the country version). I totally wrote the version that everyone knows and is for sale all by myself, but since I took the title “Tardy For The Party” from the country version Kim originally had, I wanted to be fair and give Kim’s daughter and Ed something. Okay, I hope y’all are following me.
When Vito talked to Kim the agreement was supposed to be that we were just going to split all the royalties from the song (not just the publishing royalties) equally. Mind you I wrote it, pulled in the people to get the music done, gave her free studio time, produced her vocals, etc. with no upfront fee. So I thought, “Cool, we can split the royalties equally, and it’s all good.” I didn’t know if the song was going to make money or not, so I definitely didn’t want to charge her all this money upfront not knowing if she would make any. As a friend I wouldn’t do that. If it’s just business I don’t care, but it wasn’t just business.
So when the money first came in, Kim gave me a check of a third of the money she had received at that point. Everything was cool, but then she came back to me a week later saying she was all upset because her attorney said she shouldn’t have to pay me on the overall royalties, and that she should just pay me on part of the publishing royalties. She asked me for her money back. It kind of came off like she felt I was taking advantage of her. So it irritated me. Mind you, even though Kim and Vito verbally agreed to splitting all royalties, we never put that in writing. So I just gave her the money back. She gave me a much smaller check that her lawyer said I should receive, and I never got another check. Period. Even though the song has gained more royalties since then, and another dance version was released that I never received a publishing check from.
As a writer you’re supposed to get paid everytime that song is played on radio and TV. Since I’m on this show, I allowed Real Housewives of Atlanta to play the song for free so that she could fully benefit off of the song getting played multiple times on our show. She doesn’t have a major label pushing her song to radio, so she doesn’t get the same airplay an artist that is on a major label gets. That’s why I said, “If I would have given this song to another artist, I could have made way more money.” Meaning I would have gotten royalties off of record sales, licensing fees from TV, radio airplay royalties, and I would have charged them a fee upfront. But it’s ok, I am not mad. I will write many more songs that I can do that on. Kim just went along with what her lawyer said, which is what you should do in most cases. I should’ve put what our agreement was in writing from the begining so there wouldn’t be any confusion. This situation in no way makes me have ill feelings towards Kim. The money won’t make or break our bond. I just know going forward we have to treat business as business and friendship as friendship.
It was clear her agreement with Zolciak was a verbal agreement, not a written agreement. Question: was it an enforceable contract?
Later, Burruss recorded a second song with Zolciak, as chronicled on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” called “Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing.” But that song was never released. Burruss explains in a Bravo blog dated Dec. 3, 2012:
Kim and I have had a shaky relationship ever since the whole Tardy for the Party drama. People always ask, “Why do you never go hard on Kim like you do with NeNe?” Well Kim and I started off on the right foot. We became close quickly. Our daughters had become good friends, and we were taking multiple trips together and had lots of fun. I have made a vow to myself that I will never fall out with friends/family about money. So when she first came to me and said her attorney felt she didn’t have to split the royalties with Don Vito (the producer) and me, I was caught off guard. We never signed an agreement giving her rights to release the song. We could have easily had the song pulled, but I was like whatever at the time. I didn’t want to fall out about money. The problem was this became the topic of every discussion. So of course it became a problem. Then when she asked me to do the next song, Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing, I did it, but I was going to charge her up front instead of just agreeing to split whatever came from sales, which is what we said we were going to do the first time. She didn’t want to pay up front. You may get over once, but never twice. So I would never allow her to release the song. That’s why you never heard any more about it. That for me made the relationship more awkward. So the communication became less and less.
The song was recorded on April 30 and May 1 of 2009. Burruss also sued TuneCore, which distributes music to online retailers.
Zolciak has used “Tardy for the Party” as a catchphrase and it’s the name of her upcoming spinoff show, debuting April 16 on Bravo, at 9 p.m., followed by Burruss’ “The Kandi Factory” spinoff music show at 10 p.m.
Fellow “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast mate Phaedra Parks is representing Burruss.
Coincidentally or not, Burruss, Zolciak and the other housewives are taping the reunion show this week, a source told me

Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake coming to South Florida in August

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Justin Timberlake, left, and Jay-Z perform on stage at the 55th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013, in Los Angeles. JOHN SHEARER / JOHN SHEARER/INVISION/AP

The rumored Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z tour is a reality — and a South Florida show is in the plans.

First, bloggers hinted the Legends of the Summer Tour would take place in at least 12 outdoor venues across the U.S.

Then Thursday night, Jay-Z’s lifestyle website, Life + Times, coyly posted photos of 12 stadiums — including Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Yankee Stadium in New York and Fenway Park in Boston.

The show at Sun Life will be Friday, Aug. 16. Tickets go on sale next Thursday, Feb. 28.

The pairing of the two popular stars could be the biggest tour of the summer, competing in a tight race that may also include Jay-Z’s wife, Beyonce, who will also be on the road, including shows at BB&T Center in Sunrise on July 9 and AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami on July 10.

Justin Timberlake’s made his return to performing earlier this month at the Grammys, where he performed hit current single Suit and Tie, which features Jay-Z.

Timberlake’s third album, The 20/20 Experience, will be released March 19.

Miami-born Haitian performs in musical co-produced by Rapper Jay Z and Actors Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

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Gelan Lambert was 12-years-old when he made his way to Dance Xchang in North Miami. He told the owner he wanted to learn how to dance like Michael Jackson. Lambert didn’t grow up to become the next King of Pop. Today, he tours with the Broadway musical Fela, which comes to the Adrienne Arsht Center on March 19th -24th. It will be a homecoming for Lambert, a Haitian american who was born in Miami and raised in Little Haiti. The musical, which is co-produced by Rapper Jay Z and Actors Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, tells the tragic and triumphant tale of the late Nigerian Musician and Human Rights and political Activist Fela Anikulapo Kuti whose music inspired a nation. The musical is directed and choreographed by Tony-Award winner Bill T. Jones.

Kuti, the originator of Afrobeat music − a combination of traditional Yoruba music, jazz, highlife, funk, and chanted vocals, rose to international fame in 1977 after releasing several politically charged hit albums including Zombie, an attack on the Nigerian government. The album led to Kuti being severely beaten. He would go on to complete successful tours in the United States and Europe and share a stage with fellow singer and humanitarian Bono, Grammy-Awarding winning artistt Carlos Santana and R&B Soul Group The Neville Brothers. In 1997, the 58-year-old, who once had 27 wives at the same time, died of Aids.

Lambert, who plays two roles in Fela: J.K. and Egungun, says that he is honored to be a part of the production as he compared Kuti’s legacy to his own Haitian culture.

“Kuti was brutalized and beaten up because of what he believed and throughout Haitian history we’ve had a government that has been broken and government that has been corrupt,” Lambert says, “and Fela spoke about that through his music.”

“People want success and access to natural resources that are distributed to all,” he adds. “That’s what Haitians want – the right to have a decent life.”

Lambert, who graduated from New World School of the Arts in 1995, won first place in the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts (NFAA) now called YoungArts; received the National Presidential Scholar Award from President Bill Clinton at the White House and won first place in the National Society of Arts & Letters Dance Competition. He went on to study at The Julliard School in New York, NY.

Lambert says he looks up to his mentor Full Bright Scholar to Ghana and Guggenheim Award Winner Reginald Yates who helped shape his career.

“He’s a world class scholar and he’s been able to bestow upon me knowledge that goes beyond four walls,” he says. “He showed me that I have an option as an artist to make decisions that are positive and life affirming. oThat is really remarkable on his part because I’m Haitian-American and there was no bias on his part it was all about my knowledge, my talent and my skills.”

The Harlem resident said there are several nuances that distinguish Fela from other musical productions.

“Fela’s music speaks to all people in terms of nationalities and cultures,” he says. “What makes this production so unique is that it is an Americanized theatre piece that gives homage to Fela Kuti in that it represents the African diaspora.”

Damn bruh!

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After hopping one too many fences, a teen running from police met a neighbor willing to help him hide out. At least that’s what he thought.

On Monday just before noon, an off-duty officer standing in front of his Opa Locka home, noticed a teen running around his block.

“He stopped, put his hands on his legs, trying to catch his breath. He says, ‘I’m running from the police. Can you help me?,” the officer told NBC 6. The homeowner is a Miami-Dade Schools’ detective, who did not want to be identified.

“Sure I can help you.” he answered. That teen hopped the fence and walked right into the friendly man’s home. He jumped right onto the leather couch, but failed to notice his surroundings. There are several pictures of the home owner in uniform, and a police radio on the table. Non the wiser, the teen started spilling the beans, telling the officer, he pushed his foster mother.

“But he didn’t push her, he beat her and then he ran,” said the officer.
In fact, according to an Opa Locka police report his victim is 61 years old. She was so badly hurt that she was covered in blood. Her left eye was swollen shut.

Once inside the officer’s home, the teenager got even more comfortable. He took off his shirt and wiped the sweat off his face. He was so relaxed, he didn’t pick up on the fact that the officer had been on the phone with one of his colleague’s who works for the Miami-Dade Police Department.

The homeowner spoke in police jargon to get authorities to the house.

When the teen saw patrol cars in the front yard he asked the homeowner, “What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know what we’re going to do, but you’re going to jail,” the officer told him.

Calmly, police cuffed and escorted the teen out of the neighbor’s home and into an Opa Locka patrol car.

The teen’s identity is not being revealed by police because he is a minor. He was charged with aggravated battery and is being held at the Department of Juvenile Justice. The Department of Children and Families is also investigating.

What’s In A Name: Tweet To Sue Twitter?

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The social network formally known as……

In The Mixx: DJs Doing Work


According to AHH R&B singer, Tweet is in the process of suing twitter over the name and phrase, “tweet.” It seems that Tweet had the sense to copyright her name 10 years ago. Now she’s in the process of jump starting her career again, and rather than change her name, she’d rather twitter change theirs.

In the meantime, check out her latest project, “Simply Tweet”

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