Can Hip Hop be saved? Dolo The Bandit says he can save it!

In MAGAZINE on February 18, 2013 at 1:54 pm


Dolo The Bandit and his history reads like the epic saga of a great super hero who arose from the ashes like a phoenix.  Surviving a shotgun blast to the face in 2010, it appeared to be all but over for the upcoming New York MC.  In total storybook fashion, somewhat like the hero of a classic martial arts film, Dolo was saved by providence, vanished off the grid and revamped and honed his skills to reappear triumphant on the music scene.

2011 was a year of achievement and reward in this game of thrones for the Super Rap MC, he was nominated as “Most Original Artist” at the Underground Music Awards; received feature placement for his song “Get Down” in Spike Lee’s feature film, “You’re Nobody til Somebody Kills You” and stood out as one of only three featured songs in the film.  Joining Dolo in this honor was Ice T and his protégée Black Silver with their cut “Chevy ‘64”. 

Hailing from New York, Dolo the Bandit is a testament to the legacy born in the seat of power of the worldwide Hip Hop Kingdom.  Hard work and dedication have earned this emcee a place at the table with those shaping the future and ensuring the return to quality Hip Hop for the masses.

“Roach clips” is the lead single from Dolo’s upcoming album “Project Monarch” & can be purchased on the link below.



Link to Video –

Link to Itunes single –


Connect Online with Dolo –


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