They call her SupaModel Joelee.

In MAGAZINE on February 13, 2013 at 1:51 pm

“IT ONLY HAPPENS WHEN YOU BELIEVE” that’s my philosophy.


Born Joelee Smith, Alter-Ego Supamodel Joelee.

Supamodel Joelee is an open-minded, approachable, authentic, and strong willed
individual… all this in a few words “A Strong Black Woman”. The word “Supa” that’s the
highest precedent there is, “Model” not much has to be said… just look at her…, and
“Joelee” is biological, which means “The Lord is God”.

Supamodel Joelee’s image is sexy, classy, simple, and model type with a dancehall
edge. Her image perfectly describes her slang “SOO SEXY”, along with the thought
provoking topics her songs deliver. Supamodel Joelee is a Deejay, a Singer, a Model,
an Entertainer, and a Performer.

In 2002, Supamodel Joelee officially started writing songs. Over the next few years,
she entered music competitions in Jamaica such as Tastee’s Talent Trail and Rising
Star. In 2008, Supamodel Joelee was introduced to DAGCK Promotions, who is now
her management. DAGCK saw her potential as an artist, and that is when the name
Supamodel Joelee was conceived.

In 2010, Supamodel Joelee released her first single “FRET”, a very thought provoking
song, as well as the blazing hot single “ME NUH SMILE” on the Thousand US$ Rhythm.
Both songs, produced by DAGCK, were well received and help launched her musical
career. In 2011, Supamodel Joelee recorded “WEH YOU AGO DO” a song dedicated
to her female fans who have always supported and inspired her throughout her musical

In March 2012, Supamodel Joelee released “SOO SEXY” a very hot and seductive
song that was especially dedicated to her male fans. “SOO SEXY” was well received
by Urban and Rhythmic music listeners, and received modest airplay from commercial,
internet and college radio stations.

Supamodel Joelee’s latest single “MODEL CHIC” was released June 2012, to very good
reviews by disc jockeys and music listener. To date “MODEL CHIC” is getting moderate
airplay by 25 US National Radio Stations in 15 States. Supamodel Joelee is currently
touring the US promoting “MODEL CHIC”, so you will see her soon in a city near you.

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