Krystal Darosa Exclusive Interview with Aubrean Ellis

In MAGAZINE on February 13, 2013 at 4:12 pm

Migrating to the South (Florida) probably wasn’t the easiest thing for Krystle Darosa to do, neither was making her dreams reality. Speaking with Krystle Darosa about her journey and willingness to share her story will give the spectators a better understanding of the industry from her perspective and how it has and will impact her future.  Krystle Darosa, a published model, for Blackmen Ink, has worked with some of the hottest rappers in the game from  T-pain: zooski girl, Akon: keep it 100, Verse Simmons: Strip Tease, to Trouble ft, Gucci Man, Travis Porter, Rocko: You don’t deserve it.  She has also modeled for Nuvo, Ciroc and TTS. Those are only a select few of the objectives she has completed and I assure you there is more to come .

 Being a single “parent” made Darosa who she is today. She specifically states that her son is what makes her happy. I asked Darosa “I’m aware that you are a single parent and going above and beyond for your son, Isaiah, isn’t a question. You have stated that you were a dancer once before. HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO “make the money and not let it make you?” and What advice could you give to some of the dancers that want to get out of the game and still get the same kind of money along with RESPECT?” Darosa responded saying ” It’s hard to live that life but for me being that my mother always kept me level headed, I never let it get the best of me. I have always been a leader NEVER a follower. I feel that women should let nothing change them but if it changes them then it’s not for them.” As you can see from her response and accomplishments that not ALL dancers get sucked up into the game some know how to get in get out and make the best of it.
Making the best of her decisions by using her downfalls as lessons versus regrets, Darosa continued her “eye candy” modeling career. Even though we expect things to go as we plan we sometimes get the unexpected, Darosa didn’t quite get what she sought out for  and she explains. “It’s not what I thought it would be it is doing well for me and will lead me to other doors.”  Not sure what doors she was trying to get to due to how successful she is was confusing at first. After doing research I discovered that she wants to give back by helping models achieve their goals in life.  This alone convinced me that she had a heart of gold, believe in herself and others, and her journey and achievements were for a good cause. Not just for her but for others which is why her blessing came to her abundantly.  We all knew she was getting to the money but we also knew that money isn’t all a “real” woman desires.


I asked Darosa “Would you trade your modeling career for love or is the money enough.” she then replies “Love is always better than money but at the same time I can’t live without it and I won’t trade it for love, I feel people should take me as I am.” This statement alone was “real”, she didn’t sugarcoat it, she gave it to me and society RAW. Not withholding too much of any information, Darosa was ready for any question or obstacle that was headed in her direction.
Not realizing that she would be an inspiration to not only females but males also and NOT just due to the fact that she was fabulous on the outside. It was deeper than what “we” knew and someone had to make it known. Saluting her in a song, ” Fireboy -( KRYSTLE DAROSA, bad & she knows it), ft. Sticks & Danny Boy” to express how he needs a Krystle Darosa. To some this brought about question in reference to her body , whether it was real or not.  Darosa anxious to respond to this question saying “LOL the meaning to this song has nothing to do with my body or just me! He says he wants “a” KRYSTLE DAROSA…saying he wants a hard working woman who follows her dreams doesn’t let what people say destroy who she’s trying to become and as for being natural or fake I feel every woman is fake and natural in their own way whether its hair, nail, etc.) This response wasn’t exactly the response I expected but not always do we get the expected. Just like the people in her hometown didn’t expect a tomboy to transform into a woman.
Who ever expected this strong, independent, hardworking, career driven, loving and well established single “parent” to be as successful as she is. Coming out of Rhode Island being Krystle then is a total different Darosa now. She considers herself “real because that’s just what I am” she says in the interview. With Darosa I wanted to go behind the scenes so I attempted to get deeper, desiring everyone who made assumptions to realize the ASS of themselves they were making. In this particular industry “stay true to who you are and don’t let no one destroy you because this is a real, rocky and unfair game. Be strong and Be ready” is the advice she would give to those who had dreams of doing what she had already done.  Darosa revealed to me that everyone had a story whether they had things handed to them on a silver platter or if they had to go and get it. Everything in life demanded hard work, nothing was free. This is what distinguished Darosa from other models, she was an open book and wanted the world to know who and what she was without the image she created. She wanted everyone to see her heart, clear as day.  We both agreed on what set her apart from other models only Darosa added one more imperative ingredient ” I’m open and I don’t just do it for the money, I share my story.” She wasn’t ashamed and could “care less” of what the spectators spoke of on her behalf.
Darosa was well aware of the allegations to be made that came along with the territory. She had “a few” dislikes about the industry but didn’t linger on the topic any.  Darosa understood that rumors were bound to be made due to her beauty, the industry and her accomplishments. As she spoke on a topic on her Facebook in reference to “not every girl in the modeling industry fucks their way to the top” brought the question to who she was dating. Darosa informs me that “she is dating and has a significant someone” not specifying who shows that she likes her privacy.  However, rumor has it that she was dating a professional football player , Eric Wynn and he crushed her heart, body, and soul in their defense Darosa says “that rumor is a rumor, he and I are friends and he never broke my heart.” Which brings me back to privacy, attempting get behind close doors wasn’t as successful as I thought it would have been. I asked Darosa “When you’re behind close doors do you ever desire to change your career? If so what career would you choose and why? If you wouldn’t desire to change, what is the anchor that’s holding you to this particular career?” she responds “This is the gateway to what I will be doing.”
Being Krystle Darosa isn’t easy for the spectators at all simply because they aren’t qualified. If you haven’t altered your thoughts of her, it’s quite frankly that your mind doesn’t matter to her. She’s getting to the money, making time for her son, love and social life and last but not least she is being guided by the man up above. If you desire more information on the one and only Krystle Darosa and more stay tuned to BIDSMAG. Thanks to Miss Krystle Darosa for her time and willingness to share her story. #one
Aubrean Ellis

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