In MAGAZINE on February 11, 2013 at 7:38 pm

Too many strippers and not enough one’s….


Strip clubs (for the most part) have become (for the most part) an innocent, typical and unquestioned element in the life of a guy. Whether it’s the now-traditional bachelor party, or just a Friday night out with the guys, hanging out with strippers has just become another thing to do every now and then. Innocent, right?

But when does an innocent night observing naked women dance on and around men for money (yes, I heard it) turn into something we, as girlfriends, should be concerned and/or upset about?

To many girls, strip clubs are innocent fun and strippers are nothing more than young girls with daddy and cocaine issues trying to make some cash. Therefore, they are unbothered if their boyfriend attends a meaningless stop at the local strip club. There are other girls, however, who despise the thought of their boyfriend staring at some random naked woman, getting his…

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