Miami Rapper 5ive Star to Release “Nicki”, an Homage Song and Video to Nicki Minaj

In MAGAZINE on January 11, 2013 at 2:57 pm

Multi-talented artist 5ive Star to release much-anticipated single and music video teaser for “Nicki”, his controversial buzz tribute single paying homage to hip-hop queen, Nicki Minaj.

Capturing women from all walks of life, “Nicki” is a head-knodding track, infectious from the first listen with its catchy hook and pitch-perfect harmonies.  Available for download on January 21st on iTunes, and a concept-heavy video to launch February 5th on VEVO, the release of “Nicki” indicates the 5ive Star movement has begun.

Raised in South Florida but born in Cali, 5ive Star is on the verge of mainstream success.  “Making music is as natural to me as breathing.  It’s the result of realizing my true self,” says the multi-talented vocalist, songwriter, and lyricist.  Delivering hardcore grit with crossover appeal, 5ive is destined to penetrate the music industry with his innovative and fresh sound.  He is an artist that defies labels, refuses to conform to clichés, and set to wow the world.

Originally making his rounds on the mix-tape circuit with no major label support, 5ive Star’s tracks have been featured on major radio stations across the country, further establishing his universal appeal.  Picking up inspiration in every corner of America as a testament to his diverse upbringing, in his sound you will hear the rock and soul of Prince, the aggression of Notorious B.I.G., and the smooth R&B tone of Aaliyah.    


“5ive Star” stands for five elements of artistry:  emcee, singer, songwriter, spoken-word artist and producer.  Although rooted in hip-hop, he is an artist who represents the new model of music.  Gone are the days when the industry was regulated to black or white, East Coast or West Coast.  5ive Star is the future—a unification of rock, pop, hip-hop and soul.


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