Unsigned Rapper Performing at Olympics

In Events, MAGAZINE on August 8, 2012 at 1:35 pm

The Olympics 2012 has been the bench mark for many an athlete, but what about music artists?… For any artist it is an honour to perform as part of what is the event of the noughties so far.


Just 25 years old, East-Ham born artist-producer Cynikal is honoured to be chosen to perform on Tuesday 7th 2012, at The Olympic Park, for four separate 30-minute sets.

Cynikal talks of his feelings towards playing at the Olympic Park on 7th August, and 5th September for the Paralympics (four gigs per date).  “It’s somewhat surreal, especially because I was born in East Ham, and I grew up just down the road in Ilford. The old East End heritage played a massive role in sculpting the capital in history, but that era has gone and a new one has arrived. I just didn’t think it would be in my lifetime.”

The talented rapper has performed at a number of renowned venues including Soho’s Ronnie Scott’s and Love Box, as well as at Camden’s historic venue, The Roundhouse on various occasions as part of events such as The Emerging Proms (2009), Turning Point Festival (2008, 2009). The Roundhouse team play a fundamental role in pushing and connecting young musicians in London, and saw obvious talent in Cynikal, putting him forward for the Olympic performances.

It certainly is something to be proud of for an unsigned young artist, “The occasion is going to be huge. Only now is it starting to sink in. I’ll be playing to an international demographic, people who may not necessarily even understand the lyrics, but almost for that reason alone I’m determined to put on a great show. Hip Hop doesn’t have this kind of opportunity often and I feel as though I have to represent it well, not to mention my family, my friends and all those who have supported me over the years.”

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