Black Wing Ent. preparing for a Takeover…

In MAGAZINE on July 10, 2012 at 8:21 pm

Black Wing Ent. preparing for a Takeover…

Who- Black Wing Entertainment: Courtney {Greedy} Mattox and Elder {Frosty}
Johnson (owners); Codey Canup, Lizzerio Browner, Hunter Chapman {Tsavo
Squad} (rap group); Trevon Johnson {TREVON} (R&B singer); Drew Jones {Rude
Boi} (Rapper); Demetrius Hillman {BlacKraiN} (rapper)

What – Entertainment Group giving back to the community and producing
quality music. Contributing to charity functions, participating in
volunteer work, and Showcasing talented local artist with emphasis on
positiviy in today’s society

Where/When– Car Wash for Cancer this Saturday 7.14.12

@ FullCircle AirbrushShop 645 Danielsville Rd. Athens, GA 30601

– Showcase this Saturday night @ The Surburban Lodge, Athens, GA 9pm
– Showcase next Tuesday night 7.17.12 @ Apache Cafe, Atlanta, GA 9pm
– Showcase wednesday, 7.25.12 @ Inferno 305, Fort Valley, GA 9pm
– Football for the Youth, every Tues., Thurs. & Sat. @ Bishop Park, Athens,
GA from 5-8pm

Why – the purpsoe is to give back to the community and have fun doing it.
Spreading positivity throughout the city, state, region, and eventually,
the nation and the worlrd. Attempting to use our talents to bless others.
The ultimate goal is to promote unity and stop the violence, in Athens
first, and then the world. We want to make it ‘cool’ to be smart, ‘popular’
to be positive and ‘hot’ to be hospitable.

Email – blackwingentertainment@gmail ;
Phone – (706) 208-1300 – Elder Johnson; (706) 850-5484 – Courtney Mattox

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