Artist to Watch.. D’Ambra Renee

In MAGAZINE, Mixtapes on June 29, 2012 at 2:41 pm

 Born D’Ambra Renee Weathered, May 13, 1992 in Charleston, South Carolina. From a young age D’Ambra has always loved singing. No matter what the genre, if she heard a song on the radio, she’d quickly learn the words and belt the song out several times a day. It wasn’t until her mid teens that she decided that she wanted to take her singing further than just singing to family and friends. She began writing lyrics to music tracks that were given to her by several music producers but the timing wasn’t right. Two years passed and she began to get discouraged until she got a call from her cousin asking her to come to a local studio to sing the hook on a song for a popular local rapper. When she got to the studio and sang a few verses for the producer, he immediately told her that they needed to collaborate. That same day, she went on to begin recording her new, soon to be released single “Push Up On It.” Never give up on your dreams! 

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