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It appears that Baton Rouge rap artist Lil Phat has been shot and killed in a town outside of Atlanta, Ga. The incident happened earlier today, Thursday, and his name was recently released as Melvin Vernell, III. Now unless there is another guy with the exact same name who has the exact same inner circle of people who are tweeting “RIP Lil Phat”, we can deem this story as true. It’s very unfortunate and our condolences go out to his family and friends. Check out the full news report below.

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — Early Friday morning police released the name of the man shot and killed outside Northside Hospital Thursday evening.

“The victim of the shooting has been identified as 19-year old Melvin Vernell, III, of Corbin Lake Court in Sandy Springs,” said Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department, in an email to 11Alive News at 12:30 am Friday. “Detectives have not determined a motive as yet.”

An intense search continues for the person — or possibly two people — who shot and killed Vernell.

Police had initially said the victim appeared to be in his 40s. They have not yet released descriptions of the shooter or shooters.

At about 6:40 pm Wednesday, Vernell was shot several times in the parking deck a short walk from the entrance to the Women’s Center at Northside Hospital.

He was pronounced dead later that night in Northside Hospital’s E.R.

Police said witnesses saw possibly two men running away from the shooting.

The hospital went on lockdown for two hours.

Police searched the entire hospital complex.

They are interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance camera video as they try to establish who shot Vernell, and why.

One of the patients inside the Women’s Center is Kristin Dooley, there to have a baby.

“I was in my hospital bed and I heard what I thought were gunshots. So I mentioned to my husband that that’s what I thought it was. People were running in all different directions. There were nurses running out and there were cops running. At that point they put the hospital on lockdown.”

“He was shot multiple times next to his car in the parking deck,” Rose said Wednesday night. “It’s a hot scene, now. We want to work as much and get as much as we can while we’re here to develop at least an idea of maybe who this was or what the motive was.”

“Not what you expect when you go in to have a baby,” Dooley said.

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