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Amelia Hutchings….Tha Bomb

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Name: Amelia Hutchings
Facebook:Amelia Hutchings
Twitter:@Ame Hutchings
Hobbies: Love to Read, Meet new people and love to workout

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Artist to Watch.. D’Ambra Renee

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 Born D’Ambra Renee Weathered, May 13, 1992 in Charleston, South Carolina. From a young age D’Ambra has always loved singing. No matter what the genre, if she heard a song on the radio, she’d quickly learn the words and belt the song out several times a day. It wasn’t until her mid teens that she decided that she wanted to take her singing further than just singing to family and friends. She began writing lyrics to music tracks that were given to her by several music producers but the timing wasn’t right. Two years passed and she began to get discouraged until she got a call from her cousin asking her to come to a local studio to sing the hook on a song for a popular local rapper. When she got to the studio and sang a few verses for the producer, he immediately told her that they needed to collaborate. That same day, she went on to begin recording her new, soon to be released single “Push Up On It.” Never give up on your dreams! 

Charlize Theron rockin the low cut amber rose…;)

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Actress Charlize Theron

Talk about dedication! Actress Charlize Theron, who underwent a serious makeunder for her Oscar-winning role as a serial killer in 2003’s “Monster,” was photographed with the newly shorn look she got for her upcoming film, “Mad Max: Fury Road.” In the new pic, Theron, 36, sports a buzz cut on the post-apocalyptic movie’s set in Namibia while cuddling Jackson, the adorable little boy she adopted earlier this year. Unlike “Monster,” which required the actress to gain 30 pounds and wear fake crooked teeth, Theron’s “Mad Max” transformation didn’t require major body changes. Reportedly, however, her character will be missing part of her arm. A stunt double will help out with scenes where the body part is visible.

While the pic’s somewhat blurry, it’s clear Theron’s fab facial features allow her to pull off the look. But what do you expect from someone who became a model at 16? Theron’s not the only gorgeous leading lady who has had to get a close cut for a role. Demi Moore shaved her head for 1997’s “G.I. Jane” and Natalie Portman followed suit for 2005’s “V for Vendetta.”

Mitchelle’l Feat Wale – Irene

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Mitchelle’l Feat Wale – Irene

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Louisville Stand Up!!!!

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Louisville Stand Up!!!! 

MIZ – Lost City

Miz says “The streets are hungry and I’m ready to feed um”. Destined to be the newest franchise of the industry, Miz stands ready to show the world why he is considered one of the hottest artists to hail from Da Ville aka Louisville, Kentucky.


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After a club scuffle between Chris Brown and Drake a few weeks ago, promoter Damon Feldman of Pennsylvania’s Celebrity Boxing Federation has offered them $1 million apiece to duke it out, promising another million to a charity for abused women. The fight would follow the Queensbury Rules, requiring gloves for the three rounds of fighting. With the financial backing of digital entrepreneur Alki David, Feldman hopes the event will take place in Las Vegas or Los Angeles on August 25th, but as of right now, neither performer has responded to or commented on the offer.

Feldman’s previous contenders have included Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael, Jose Canseco and Danny Bonaduce, lower-tier celebrities with polarizing pasts. Drake and Brown are both worldwide superstars, despite Brown’s past discretions, which would make this one of his most high profile fights. While some may perceive the charitable donation surrounding the fight as adding a notch of nobility, Feldman told the New York Times that he wants Rihanna, who was rumored to inspire the initial clash, as ring girl at the fight. He noted, “If she doesn’t take our offer, we know she’ll be watching.”

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Self Made 2 MMG

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Self Made 2 Maybach Music Group #MMG

An album full of hot beats, lots of great, diverse artists, and a few select great songs like “Power Circle”. That said, the lyrics are as ever lacking, and it’s all about cash and cars as usual. For a new release that sounds great AND has some good depth.

Purchase Here 

SuperStar 9000 – Turn The Lights Off feat Ka’Leo Hot or Not???

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SuperStar 9000 – Turn The Lights Off feat Ka’Leo Hot or Not???

Grab The Song Here!!!

Superstar 9000 is an American Hip-Hop/Rock recording artist and writer from Atlanta, GA. Superstar was born and raised on the Eastside in the Decatur, Stone Mountain area. The Georgia born musician started showing an interest in music at the age of 12 years old. As a youth Superstar knew he wanted to be on stage performing for audiences all around the world. Superstar 9000 got his start in music by performing in local latent shows and artist showcases throughout the South.

Maniac The Rapper…. HOT OR NOT???

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Dereck “Maniac” Looney is an entrepreneur who has his eyes on the prize. He will let nothing get into the way of the “hustle.” Maniac is an artist, businessman, promoter, event planner, and the list goes on and on. He feels that in order to reach greatness you have to network. Maniac says “a businessman who doesn’t want to network is only setting himself up for failure.” With a positive head on his shoulders, Maniac is the CEO of Classic City Records LLC. Classic City Records LLC is an independent record label out of Athens, GA that is built on networking. The label is always looking to network with others, thanks to Maniac. While there are many rappers with aspiring dreams, none compare to Maniac because he is also a very knowledgeable businessman who not only makes music, but also runs a successful company. The sky is the limit for this young man and in the words of Maniac, “[he] is speeding!”

Maniac The Rapper  <<< Check out his music here…

The World will be different after 7.21.12 CLOWNIN’ GANG The Movement is coming!!!

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