Chad And Evelyn Are Getting Married, But Should She Take Him Back???

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2012 at 2:43 pm


Reunited and it feels so good!!

According to TMZ reports:

Chad Ochocinco has saved his relationship with Evelyn Lozada the old fashioned way … with a lot of groveling … and the wedding is back on, this according to sources close to the couple.

As TMZ first reported, Lozada put their wedding plans on hold after she suspected Ocho was stepping out on her.

But according to our sources, Ocho broke down this week and apologized. We’re told Ocho said he would do whatever it took to win her back and suggested the two go to couple’s counseling.

Our sources say Evelyn agreed and they will seek help to work out their trust issues.

Through a rep, Evelyn tells TMZ, “The strain from both our busy schedules started to take a serious toll on our relationship. Yet after spending some much needed quality time together, Chad and I are in a good space.”

Allow us to translate: “That ninja was actin’ a damn fool! But he blew up my phone and stalked me trying to apologize. Besides, promised to buy me a BIG a$$ ring, so it’s all good!”

Congrats you crazy kids, this is one wedding we couldn’t WAIT to see go down!

What do you think about the reunited romance between these two? Is Evelyn about to play herself fawkin’ around with Chad and his shenanigans??

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