Swank Nation

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If Nirvana and Lil Wayne had a baby then The Swank would be born. The Swank is an urban rock band that originated from Athens, Ga. Their music is far from generic and is a breath of fresh air to the music industry. The members include bassist Tommy Economos, guitarist Salvador Randozzo aka El, hype man Perry Thomas aka Sway, Nicole Spencer (who is the only female in the band) aka Possum and front man Curtison Jones aka Son1. The band has a unique style to them and is very talented with hopes to one day take over the industry!

“Swank is a word meaning swagger.” Curtison Jones said when explaining the meaning of their band’s name. Jones has been pursing music for years. “When I saw N.E.R.D for the first time I knew that was the time of music I wanted to do.” Jones said. Jones was in a band previously but they decided to go their separate ways. At the time Jones was working on a solo album called “American Hero”, which was about the everyday life of an Iraq soldier. Jones ran into his first band member El by fate. “I was on my way to the studio one day when my car died. I stopped at a Best Buy and got a jump from El, who worked there at the time. He told me he played guitar and that he had attended the Atlanta Institute of Music and we exchanged numbers.” Jones explained. El and Jones later decided they wanted to form a band. “Tommy was a friend of a friend; I approached Sway at his job. Finding the last member was a bit more challenging. The band needed a drummer. “We decided to place an ad on Craigslist and that’s how we found Nicole.” Jones said. The guys were so impressed by Nicole she joined the band immediately. This is how The Swank was born!

Though the band has only been together for two years, they have been able to accomplish some major achievements. They have been nominated for a Flagpole Award, which is a music magazine in Athens, GA and also the band has won a VHS Award for their video “Amanda”. “Amanda” is the band’s first video which is an upbeat song that talks about a heartbreaking female. The band has also met some celebrities while performing including Killer Mike, Yelawolf, and Lil Scrappy. Some of the band’s musical influences include N.E.R.D, Atmosphere (rapper), Tupac Shakur, and DJ Underground (indie hip hop). The Swank is currently working on two albums that will be out in 2012, and is getting together more videos.

With their one of a kind approach to music, The Swank is definitely someone to watch out for!!!! I love how they are not afraid to be different in this boring music industry. They are more talented than half of these artists signed today and have ten times more ambition. The Swank is on the road to success!!!!!!!!

Shalonda Browning

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