Artist to watch…SOMONG

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Somong(SO), which means HOPE in Korean, is an aspiring Afro-Korean musical artist and the CEO of Sound Obsessions Productions. His rhythmic style, while unique and eccentric, is soulful, familiar, and enticing, a combination of heavy baselines over melodic tunes.
SO has been in the game for a while. He started taking his musical career seriously when he was sixteen. He learned of his talents while playing around on his keyboard. As he started sharing music with friends, they became anxious, wanting to rap over it and urged him to start selling it. He started shopping his work around, marketing himself, and building the SO brand.
SO shows his depth through his music. He recently released a song, Addiction, which is seemingly about a woman, but during an interview, Somong revealed that he’s talking about addictions in general, “whatever makes you anxious to get home. Addiction is about that thing that causes you to hurry through situations to get a fix.”
His latest project is a compilation of mixed tracks in which he sings over popular hip hop beats. You can listen to his music at And check the Big In Da Street website for a live interview with Somong.
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